I promise I will get to my animals stocking me story soon however….

Today I completed (well almost completed.. will finish it later) the selection criteria for another job I really really want…. tourism industry, marketing… cbd.. all the right stuff. When I started this project of finding a new job, selection criteria was new to me.  For those of you who may not know, it is usually 5 or 6 essential criteria on which you will be judged before your interview to gage your suitability.  Typically you only have to complete it for government positions however I have discovered a few private companies who request it be completed as well.

Anyway – like I said, when I started this was all new to me and very daunting.  Now however I have discovered I’m quite adept! Minus the occasional absent minded moment where the jeopardy theme song plays in my head instead of the phrase I’m looking to put down, it goes really very smoothly.

I impressed myself today with pumping out 4 criteria in an hour, complete with excellent examples and demonstrations of my skills.  Actually it’s a great warm up before heading back to classes which start on Monday.

Next week is shaping up to be excellent actually – I have selection criteria in for 3 jobs I think sound really great, an interview for one I thought I’d been passed over for (turns out they’re just a bit slow in shortlisting) and my very best friend in the whole wide world is coming to stay with me for a week with her lovely hubby! Hooray!!!

Now for the animals story:

Last week there was a mouse who died on the pathway to the washing line…. ew… sad… etc..

Then there was a bird who has been flying around our house landing on the back covered patio, front patio and all ledges outside all windows.. I’m positive it’s the same bird…. he’s still coming around too!!!

Then there was the lizard who wiggled his way into our house via some unknown crevice to the outside world which I can’t seem to find! He’s a bit of a locked room mystery as our windows and doors all have security and intact insect screens and all our doors sit flush with the carpet.  weird…

next there will be koalas in the palm trees out the front.. that’d be kinda cool actually…

That’s all for now!! over and out!