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Yesterday I went back to school, this is my second semester of my Masters program and I would just like to say: “I Love Maturity!”

All my classmates are friendly and confident and have removed whatever poll was up their nethers in undergrad to emerge happy and eager to engage. It’s really nice, it’s like a room full of networkers and everyone is relaxed and can introduce themselves and carry conversations without the awkwardness. In short, we’ve all matured.

In other news, speaking of maturity, about 3 weeks ago I bit the bullet and struck a deal with my former CEO to do some project work for him while I was still job hunting. Happily this seems to have worked well for both of us. I can continue to live in my house and he gets the boring work no one else would want to do done. It’s great actually. Not to mention the fact I get to pat myself on the back for taking the high road and making some sacrifices for the sake of a roof over my head and the continued patience of my better half. It’s nice.

Interview for dream job numero uno is on tomorrow at 2.30… wish me luck! I’m really excited about this one and actually, as long as they offer at least what I was making before I can’t see any reason I wouldn’t jump up and down to take it.. despite having just submitted applications for 3 other positions I’d also really like to have. I will do the mature thing and take the just as good as the others dream job. Who am I to complain anyway, at least I’m lucky enough to do what I want. 🙂