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Today is the last day at my old job and tomorrow is my first day at my new one.  (sorta)

Yes thats right, I said NEW one.  That interview I think I mentioned? Well, I got it; the dream job.  Already I’m loving it.  When I accecpted the position I could hear my new boss cheer in the background.  How nice is that.  How many people get to have someone cheer for them before they’ve even done something worth cheering for?

They’ve given me a very generous offer and I can’t wait to get started.  I’ll be responsible for quite a few rather important things actually and several more VERY important people.  It’s definitely an excellent networking role if nothing else, and well it’s quite a lot of else too. 

Anyway.. that’s practically old news now. 

Today, as it happens, is my last day at my ‘old job.’ It seems weird to walk around here, again, with eyes that wont see this place again probably.  It’s bittersweet in a way I guess, I always saw so much potential here, and I still do, but it’s just not the thing for me I guess. 

As it’s my second time giving leaving here a go – there’s quite little pomp and circumstance.  It’s like I’m just going home for the weekend and will see everyone on Monday.  A nice way to go I think – slip quietly away!

I can’t wait for tomorrow – first day on the job (sorta) Already in my head the sun’s shining a bit brighter! 🙂