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Okay  I know I’ve been a bad little blogger and haven’t been blogging regularly… we’ll get to that in a second.  FIRST you must have a look at this: http://www.toxel.com/tech/2010/04/28/innovative-apartment-in-hong-kong/

This guy gets me seriously excited about the futures of sustainable living and design etc.  He’s got everything in such a small space it’s incredible, ingenious even! Plus he’s forced to keep the house clean if it’s all to fit together again.

Anyway, part of the reason this gets me so exited is that I watched a show several months ago which had this guy on it.  It was about, no surprise here, sustainable housing solutions and innovations in technology/design.  It ran on ABC here and I searched and searched for clips of it to no avail! I’d told several people about it as well over the course of the next few months and now today, I click on one of my favorite blogs and there it is!!! Very exciting.  Doesn’t take much these days it would seem.  Anyway, tell me what you think.

Now – to address the other thing.. why it’s been forever since I’ve written…

Well, turns out my new job, while fun and shiny and new and exciting also has lit a fire under my normally slightly better than average work ethic and I’ve been keeping long hours getting events to run smoothly and start new projects.  I’m loving every minute of it… okay maybe not every minute, but 90% of them or so are pretty great still.  Every single day is totally different and each concert has a personality and requirements of it’s own to coordinate, making for interesting work.  On top of that I’m really enjoying getting to know my corporate partners and figuring out ways we can work with them better and increase value to contracts on both sides, it’s really fun.  I seem to be pretty good at it too and it feels right amazingly… guess turns out I’m meant to do something after all!!

That aside I’m also running 3 courses in my Masters program and its coming up to that time when all our group projects are coming due.  Plus a few individual assignments and presentations.  Annoying but at least 2 of my classes have interesting content.  The other one is a total write off unfortunately, but what can you do. 🙂

So thats that, not much more to add really.. yesterday was my birthday and I got lots of lovely wonderful gifts from family and had a lovely weekend of celebrations capped off with an extra day off all to myself.  Generous heart that I have, I shared my day off with my dentist, optometrist, nail tech and then capped it off with in-laws and boyfriend. Plus a lovely hour (or 2) chatting with Madre and a hello from my g-rentals.   Life is good.