There are moments when I am truly living the dream here… and then there are moments I’m not.  I think I am not unique in this expereince as it is simply how life goes… My ‘not moments’ tend to happen at the checkout stand at the grocery store here or when I pass a coffee shop and think how nice a cappucinio would be right now if only I had money.  Now by money I don’t mean to infer that my bank account is empty and I’m pennyless and sleep under bridges, as we know from previous posts, I’m employed, and they do actually pay me for my toils.  No, by money I mean cash, the green stuff (although it’s actually pink and blue and orange here), denaro etc… I do have cards, credit/debit cards etc but you see if I want to purchase a coffee with a card it costs me $10.  And although I’ll admit an addiction to the elixir of life, unfortunately I’m a cheapskate (read: sane) and don’t want to pay $10 for 8oz of beans and water and milk. So alas I have to forgo.  This is ridiculously frustrating and almost always pops me right on top of my, how do you expect a thriving economy when people aren’t even buying cups of coffee… not to mention productivity MUST be lower.

By extension the solution to simply ‘get some cash out’ is also frustrating, instead of 10$ for a coffee I spend an extra 15 minutes locating one of the few and far between atm’s (which is of course NEVER  my bank’s atm but is the one I resign myself to use after an exhaustive search to find my bank’s atm) and since I’m not using my bank’s atm I’m charged a fee.  $2.  $2 to make a machine do what it’s meant to do – spit out money… $2 plus my $20 (which will now be spent much more quickly than if it had stayed safe and out of reach of my hands when passing said coffee shops) and still this is all for the 1 cup of coffee.  So now I pay $4 for my coffee, plus the $2 atm fee so this cup of coffee actually costs $6.  The only blessing is the next one comes out of the change so it’s really truly a $4 coffee.  Funny $4 seems a bit over-priced anyway.

The other moment which makes my ‘I live in paradise’ dream come crashing down happens at a certain chain of supermarkets which now don’t accept my credit debit card and of course since i have no cash and occasionally misplace my other credit card leaves me in a word, screwed when paying for my groceries which I’ve stood in like for at least 20 minutes to purchase.  Yes, paradise is certainly lost here too..

In other news it was a beautiful day outside with birds singing and crystal clear waters lapping at the shores…in paradise anyway.