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This past few weeks my schedule has been a bit more crazy than usual and full of more than the typical number of events and vip functions.  My colleague at work now refers to me as the Rockstar in reference to my schedule.  For example in the last 10 days I have been to: 1 opera, 4 concerts, 1 modern dance performance, a play and 5 associated functions.  Plus school and work with a photo shoot on the weekend I shouldn’t be surprised that when I got home today and had some free time on my hands I felt more stressed than if I’d been still working.

I think it’s amazing that our bodies are so sensitive to our schedules.  Get yourself into the swing of having a heavy schedule and you move into the mindset that you’re constantly meant to be doing something or on your way to doing something so that when you stop you get the feeling you’re forgetting or missing out or late or should be busy etc…


To combat this today, I made carmel corn from scratch.  It’s fabulous…even if the carmel did get a bit close to burning.. now it just tastes a bit toastier!

In other news I have a new assistant at work who is lovely and quickly becoming one of my favorite people… Sadly I’ve also been in touch with a number of friends from my previous organisation who aren’t going so well.  Struggling with politics, their schedules and quite a few personal life issues.  Lots of cups of coffee in my near future.

Personal issues seem to be rather epidemic lately, not in my life fortunately but my boss also has recently gone through some tough times… lucky for him, he’s just got a cat…. more on my bachelor + cat theory later.  🙂