Okay so it’s very obvious that it’s exam time as I’ve written now two posts in one day as well as re-decorated the site.  I wanted to see if this page posts under the new page though, and I promise, after this I’ll do work… really I will!!! Stop looking at me like that. 🙂 (A)

Anyway.  I also was thinking I’d add some of the recent photography I’ve done but alas the camera is dead and cord is currenlty lost and well, there’s only so much rationalisation I can do to talk me into considering it before I realize I have a semester of work to learn….

Okay, now that something is written… I”ll go. I promise.

*edit – okay so I previewed it and it didn’t work so now I have another post on the homepage… so… I’ve added another page.. go read it… It may never have more than that on it as I can’t figure out how to post on it but it was well intentioned at least!!