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So my better half and I had date night last night.  We couldn’t focus and thus gave up and decided to go for a walk, which lead to discussing dinner which led us to deciding to go to Pancho’s Pizza off Oxford Street.  Here’s what we ordered:

1 garlic prawn bread

1 large pizza, half pineapple and olive (my personal favorite), half bbq chicken (my other favorite.)

here’s a photo:

The seriously yum pizza

The almost as yum bread

The bread came first and to be honest it wasn’t quite what we expected, needed a bit more tang, but had plentiful fresh prawns and enough garlic for us to relax for the rest of our lives about those pesky vampires.

The pizza, minus biting into an olive pitt, was fantastic.  Both sides! I love the mix of the salty olives with sweet pineapple… if you haven’t had it yet, go forth and try…. then tell me what you think…

In other news, today was a very productive day in terms of cleaning and organising things, and I even managed to get about 6 weeks of study done, which I thought was a rather stellar effort.

Well, I’m off to bed… I’ve posted a recipe on Lovely Bites though… a utterly Aussie dessert which is insanely easy to make.. granted I cheat.