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Confession: I bought New Moon.  Yes I know, I should know better, it was crap when I saw it and is still crap now I’ve watched it again, but I couldn’t help myself.  I already have the first, (Twilight) in the series and well, it just seemed a little lonely on my shelf without a wolf pack to keep it warm through the winter.

Laughing at the checkout over the absurdity of our purchase, the guy behind the counter offered me a New Moon Bracelet (a leather strap with a snap on the end and New Moon stamped into it), and then gave us 2 metallic cups for drinks (or popcorn as we used them for) complete with a photo of the cast shimmering on the sides, the other with a picuture of the scantilly clad wolf pack…. this one’s mine. 🙂

Imagine our delight!!! We promptly took them home, put my bracelet on, popped pop-corn and put it in our cups and started the show… oh I should also mention I recently got another birthday gift which was a mini fondue pot.  I was sure I would never use it but we pulled it out, melted chocolate and with a piece of popcorn precariously perched on the end of our fondue sticks we dipped and discovered bliss! Here’s a photo of our set up: (will add later as can’t find the camera cord now) – now added as found the camera cord! 🙂 hooray!

I have to admit that it was rather unsatisfying though, not enough popcorn or chocolate taste and putting the pieces on the fondue stick wasn’t too easy either…. Fun though, the movie was bad and felt like 4 hours long when it was two, but we had a great time with many thanks to the guy from blockbuster for the free stuff!

In other news, my parents are visiting next weekend and we’re getting the house ready.  We’ve moved a bed in but found out our neighbors were having a house party till late SO here’s what our living room looks like right now:

FUN!! anyway… now back to studying… sad.