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– Life is Beautiful –
Ma Famile were here for 2 whole weeks and sadly have now gone home.  But what a great trip we did have! This time last week we’d just returned from a long drive from Sydney.  We drove down last Wednesday leaving at 4am and waking up in time for our first stop, Byron Bay for a breakfast picnic and then up to the lighthouse for a look at one of the most gorgeous views I’ve seen.

Gorgeous Byron Bay

The wildlife was incredible, we saw a WHALE, and Dolphins and a goat and even a pheasant as well as a few other birds etc… It was stunning and a lovely  walk.

Along the way we stopped at several similarly gorgeous spots before breaking into Port Macquarie.  Onto Sydney the next day with a stop at Manly for fish and chips by the beach on the way.  We stayed at the Sofitel Wentworth, which was less than stellar (service wise) but generally nice.

Although rainy, Sydney was fantastic and we did the usual tourist thing, going to the Art Gallery of New South Whales, the Opera House and to Circular Quay for a view of the Bridge.

Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House

Other than that, highlights definitely included some fantastic food!  In fact we had such a lovely 2 days that we decided to stay another day and checked into the Four Seasons for an extra night.  The last day we spent doing quite a bit of walking around the shops.  Our tired feet abandoning us and taking our resolve for another walk out of the hotel for dinner, we ordered in room service and put on an in-room movie, Date Night!  Which was hilarious.

Off to bed and up to leave just as the bar brawls and the end of the world cup finished at 2.30 that morning.  Off we went through the countryside and back into Brissy in time for a nap and a nice dinner at home.

The trip was lovely and it was great to get away for a little while.  We loved having family in town and although we loved Sydney it was really fun to have them here in our home town just around for awhile. 🙂

Since then, we’ve both been back at work and insanely crazy busy catching up with stuff.  I caught up for coffee with a few friends, went to a concert on friday night and had a quiet weekend at home Saturday and a lovely day on the town with another friend on Sunday.