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Blockbuster has become a pleasurable experience.  And not just because I’m a bit of a film nut.

I know I’ve written about the bounty I’ve gathered previously at the great blue store, (see post on New Moon), but tonight I stopped by to rent, Valentines Day… stop laughing… My loved one was out at a committee meeting and with nothing on TV I’ve treated myself to a bit of chick-flick decadence.  As nice as this idea was on its own, there was a moment of hesitation when lifting the bit of sap off the shelf knowing it would cost nearly $10 bucks for the 1 night new release.  Nonetheless I went to the counter and then, “1.95”….. “What? 1.95… is that it?”… for a moment I wasn’t sure if he was serious or just giving me a special deal! But No, he was serious! Only $1.95 on Tuesdays! “that’s great,” I said.  “That’s not all,” blockbuster man replied, “With this movie… you get a chocolate.”  Blockbuster man…. you know the way to a girl’s heart!