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There may not be kangaroos hopping around in my neighbor hood, but I have possums regularly for dinner on the patio!

Possum on the Table

Tonight I thought I’d capture the moment.  I’ve lived her for just over 3 years now… have been her almost a total of another year in vacations and visits and I have to say the wildlife here is totally amazing.  Having not taken to spraying their country with life threatening pesticides, the diversity of insects, size of spiders and number of mosquito’s in the summer is incredible, if not just a bit gross/scary/annoying.  The cuter side of the wildlife includes of course kangaroos and koalas but also possums… though annoying and noisy if you have a tin roof or if they’re in heat outside the window when  you’re sleeping they can be cute when crawling around your balcony!

Onto the Chair

This little guy came for a visit this evening, climbing from a palm frond onto the balcony then table and chair.  I grabbed the camera and tapped on the window to get his attention, and instead of running scared, he skampered up to the window and tried to sniff my finger through the glass:

Sniffing Finger

He stuck around for a few more photos and to see if he could get inside

Sticking Around

Then went out the way he came in, over the edge of the balcony and into the trees….

Possum on the railing