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I want a holiday…. no, I NEEED a holiday.  And not just any holiday… a beach.. a little umbrella, a cocktail and sunshine .  Preferably without any sunburn, completely gorgeous with excellent blankets, a cool breeze in the evenings and a villa over water you don’t need a snorkel mask to see fish in.  Those last bits are negotiable.

You would think that this wouldn’t be tough to achieve.  If nothing else at least I’m clear on what I’m looking for.  It would seem though, that there are a few challenges.

1.  We have no time to go on holiday until February

2.  We can take 2 maybe 3 weeks, at least one of which we’d like to see my family (so this means a holiday destination within or close to the states)

3. Beach holidays in the U. S. of A are slightly compromised at the moment due to the oil spill.

4.  I chose a place in Mexico which had 3 people executed in the street yesterday – we’ve decided to re-think that.

5. Non oil-spill places include Southern California, while although lovely… not new, and doesn’t really allow one to spend a lot of time in a swim suit without freezing.

6.  There is unfortunately a limited budget….


If I were a millionaire here’s where I’d be going:

YYYEEEEESSSS!!!! now who’s with me…. and who has some affordable ideas…