If I were anything else I would like to be a dog, but not just any dog, a dog owned by some of our close friends here.  Why you ask, oh let me count the ways:


1.  Their dogs get their own heated bed pillows with a massage function

2.  Their dogs get 2 mini hot water bottles in their beds with them on particularly cold nights.

3.  Their dogs get massages and baths every other day by a special doggy grooming van which comes to the door and feeds them snacks while they sit in a mini whilpool and then get blown dry.

4.  Their dogs get their own individual washing machines

5.  Their dogs get their own fridges with their own bottled water stocked

… there are many other benefits to being their dog …. but as I think about the above list…. I have all these things.. my own fridge, bottled water, a washing machine, a hot water bottle….. so maybe it’s alright to just be me after all! 🙂

Plus… I can eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches… which I’ve recently re-discovered and they’re A-MAZING!