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What’s on your ‘Bucket List’ … you know the ‘Before I Die’ list?  This coming week I’ll achieve one of mine.. I’m going on tour with a ‘band’ okay it’s an orchestra but nonetheless, we’re on tour and although I’m not a groupie and will be insanely busy managing our community engagement activities etc.. I’m still really excited!!!

We’ll be going to Mackay then to Townsville and onto Cairns doing educational workshops, evening concerts, a performance at Ronald McDonald House and a retirement village in both Townsville and Cairns.

For those of you who don’t know Aussie geography very well  we’ll be flying right up the top of Queensland.  And.. the best part.. it’s going to be gorgeous and warm and there might be time for a beach and even something with an umbrella!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like an hour probably but still a whole hour!!!

So yeah.. I’m excited. 🙂