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If you could be a character in any tv show, movie or book, who would you be?

I think I’d be Sydney Bristow from Alias.  How exciting would it be to be a spy? All the disguises and technology and scenarios.. the tactical strategy and secrets you’d be in on.  I think it’d be fun.  Then again she did lose most all her family and all friends were totally deceitful and turn out to be the enemy.. sort of.  Maybe I’d rather be the girl off covert affairs…. she seems a  bit more grounded.. and luckier.

From a movie… I think I’d chose Scarlet Johansen from Scoop.  She’s just so lovely and friendly and well… on her way to greatness.

Books – Stephanie Plum.  Again with the whole crime thriller thing but she’s got a lovely family and is happy with the simple things in life….

So, Who would you be?

In other news, my better half says he’d be kung fu panda (mainly because he may have over indulged tonight)