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“There’s little piles of fruit all over the house”  – better half. 

So, 2011 may see me claiming fringe benefits tax in addition to my income from my currently place of work as recently I’ve been coming home with ‘piles’ of organically grown fresh fruit and veg from the veggie patch out front our office.  Perhaps it’s the city girl in me but the wonder of a tomato plant that actually makes little tomatoes which btw are amazing, overtakes my better – you bought 5 tomatoes at the store yesterday, you don’t need these cute little ones – judgement. 

Who knew the world’s cutest vegetables would taste so good or pressure me into picking them just so I can marvel at the wonder of the world.  Why am I not overcome with awe at the grocery store?

There are a variety of veggies growing in the patch, tomatoes, little mini red chilis which look exactly like the fake chili lights you can buy at walmart, potatoes! Basil! Silver-leaf! CORN!!! Beets, and of course my very favorite, baby bell peppers/capsicum.  THESE ARE THE MOST ADORABLE VEGGIES EVER! I love these tiny capsicum they’re perfect and colorful and yummy and grow on a lovely vine, it’s amazing! I’ve decided I need a veggie patch when we get a house, and perhaps to go buy a green thumb as I seem to kill all things we plant sadly.  

Anyway, they are all very cute and exciting and I had to share. Perhaps I should have been a farmer.  I will make an effort to take a photo next time as I had planned to tak e one previously of these cute veggies but I ate them.