Well we’ve had the opportunity to witness a once in a lifetime (hopefully) flood in Brisbane the past day or so, it’s forecasted to peak tomorrow and then, with any luck, the water will recede and the clean up can begin.

My in-laws house is on the river and our place is also in the flood path.  After getting evacuated from our offices yesterday morning we spent the afternoon and today moving things to higher ground.

Here’s the view off their deck of the river yesterday avo and then again today around 10am.

Yesterday avo just before high tide:


View of the River Afternoon Jan 11


This morning 6 hours before high tide:


View of the River Day 2



You can see how much the river has risen and we’ve been watching peoples pontoons and jetties float their way down the river.  Rather more mind blowing was watching un-manned boats torn from their moorings and float themselves down the river.  Such as this one:


Nearly Sunk Boat



This boat was about 2 houses up from my in-laws and broke 3 of 4 moorings in the night, the water police came and jumped aboard about 10 minutes before the last one broke, fortunately as had they not been there it would have plowed through our jetty and down over the neighbours jetties as well.


Floating down the river sideways


This park is at the end of our street and yesterday afternoon had just started flooding:


Park Day 1



Park Day 1 - Inverted Jetty


Here it is this morning again 6 hours or so before high tide:


Park Day 2


The high tide this avo is expected around 4pm and they anticipate it will cover the pool and reach the railing shown here:


Railing and pool which will go under


In other news, we spotted a crab in the pool!!!




The website to donate to the floods is here: http://www.qld.gov.au/floods/donate.html

We’ve been much luckier than surrounding areas, nearly the whole state is under water.. which given that 1 state in Australia seems to be roughly 4-5 US states that’s a pretty big area.  We’ll keep you posted.