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I have thwarted a criminal! Yesterday, along with my friend and colleague we uncovered a box of truth in the over grown garden beds in front of our office.  Pulling out of out office to get a cup of coffee we saw a man pulling in the other entrance.  Instead of continuing into the parking lot he stopped and slammed open the sliding door on his van, lifting a box out and shoving it in the overgrown bushes.  He jumped back in the van and circled around, coming out the other entrance.  Confused, curious and not just a  little dubious, we looped back to where he dropped the box, hopped out and had a look.  Carefully lifting it out of the bushes we saw there were photocopies of passports, id card and university degrees as well as a piece of mail with an address on our street listed.  Now feeling like this must be seriously dodgy, we tossed the box in the back of the car thinking we’d contact the cops when we were back.

Super Sleuth Megan - except I'm a girl of course

Imagine our surprise then as we saw the same van just a bit up the road in front of the addressed street with a cop car out the front.  We split, not wanting to show up with the box in our possession.  We got our coffees and headed back to QSO to call the cops grabbing the rego of the van as we drove by.

On the phone the cops guessed the color of the van and said they’d be down immediately.  When they arrived and we showed them the box, one of the cops told me it was a property dispute and the guy had been lying to him.  Well, actually he said “he’s been tellin me porky pies” which translated from Australian means lying.  🙂  He was delighted to have the box.  As Luke said, “now he can walk into the room with the box and have a Kyra Segwick moment from the closer.”

The Closer

I can just picture the face of the guy when he went back to where he put the box.

Anyway, we are officially super sleuths and felt like heroes for the rest of the day.  FUN.