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Picture someone mowing your lawn.. Now is it a girl or a boy, is their shirt on or off? 50 bucks that you just pictured a guy in the summer with his shirt off.  Very acceptable answer.  As it is summer here and I was taking my walk around the neighborhood and heard a mower, I pictured exactly that.  Until I got closer.  Turns out it was a girl. 


 In a bikini. 


 A very small, teal bikini in fact. 

Tiny Teal

 With a straw hat on.

Straw Hat

Pushing the lawn mower

(use your imagination, I can’t draw a lawn mower)

It seemed strange.  It wasn’t overly hot and surely she felt a bit exposed in her bikini, in her front yard, like 10 feet from a major road. 

I decided she must be on the prowl, waiting for mr right to come and ask if he could take over the mowing so she could continue to lay about sunbathing. 

Mr Right