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The best way to renovate is to not renovate at all! This is essentially what we’re doing thanks to our access to my better half’s father.  While we’re away on holiday he’s busily re-building our ensuite bathroom and kitchen so we’ll return home to everything fresh and new!! We did help pick out tile, colors etc before we left and we also pitched in a bit by ripping out the ensuite.

Actually I should say less we and more Luke – as he did the majority of the ripping.  I did attempt to chisel off a few tiles but I didn’t get very far.  Instead I carted buckets of debris downstairs to the truck and vacuumed our house – which looked quite a lot like someone had dumped several thousand bottles of baby powder everywhere.

We took some photos of the festivities which are below: (EDIT will be added later as they’re on Luke’s computer atm. )


The bit on the floor used to sit on top of the counter


This is the only bit of the kitchen we managed to start pulling out before we left.


First step - Luke takes off tiles one by one


This isn’t as easy as it looks – popping one off also meant that it pulled part of the wall off too.  SOOOO we decided to just take the walls out.  Note this was unfortunately after 30 minutes with the chisel and hammer trying to break them off one by one.  Not so much fun.

Here’s us with our regulation protective eye gear.


Safety First


Luke got a bit more serious when the power tools came out.


Luke cutting the wall off


and here we are with the nearly finished product:


Sans walls


I have to admit I thought the brick looked kinda cool and for a minute I was thinking we should keep it!

Next step was to take the hob off the shower and the tiles off the floor – here’s Luke with the Jackhammer – our lucky neighbors – we did give them a heads up.


Bring on the Jackhammer


Here’s where the jackhammer had done it’s job


Thank you Jackhammer


Finally we cleaned up the debris and carted it out.  It looked pretty spiffy when we were finished, nice clean concrete floors etc… unfortunately I don’t have a pic currently uploaded of this but I’ll put one up soon so check back.

Anyway – we’re looking forward to the finished product and can highly recommend taking a holiday while someone else does all the hard work.  I think we probably owe him a block of chocolate or something. 🙂