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Okay three things to cover, no now two; I’ve forgotten one.

1.  This shiny new rock on my finger requires me to keep my fingers pretty.  To this end I started going back to my old nail salon and getting my nails done every 4 weeks or so.  I’ll be honest it’s not to flash-hot, it’s called Professinails (too cute) and it’s just a little shop in the nearby mall, but they do a great job, are fast and reasonably priced.

Because of the above they are also, always busy.  Given my abundance of time or lack thereof I usually try to call if I think I’ll make it there in the afternoon.  When I call they happily take my name and ask for my contact phone number like so many other places when you make a reservation do.  The difference here is that when they make the reservation they simply write my name on their check-in sheet and the time I want to come in.  This way when I get there they just tick me off the list and take me to a seat.

Here’s the strange part – why do they take my number?  I just can’t figure it out, I mean it’s not like they’re going to call me at 3.00 and ask me where I am.  It’s  a walk-in welcome, the more the merrier type of place, they don’t actually care if I turn up for my appointment, they’re not banking on my $35 refill.  So why? Although their service is excellent I’m sure if some freak occurence happened and they needed to cancel my appointment they probably couldn’t really be stuffed frankly.

It makes me wonder, when did they start asking for numbers when you booked? Was it something that was instant because it simply is practice at most places? Or was it a policy they decided to put into place? Do they actually think about why they would need it … ever?!  Okay /endrant. 🙂

2. Crime that pays.  My friend and I were in a two-dollar shop the other day looking for a gift bag.  While we were there a sort of odd ball kinda guy was walking around supposedly looking for something.  I thought he looked a bit suss but we forged ahead, bought our bag and when we got to the parking lot I was sure I saw the guy in a white van (Note: don’t you automatically get suspicious of white vans? I’m always sure the people driving MUST be serial killers… thank you hollywood for the classical conditioning) Anyway, I was sure I saw him and I told my friend I thought he looked suspicious and I thought he may have stalked us into the store to mug us… again.. thank you Hollywood.

This sparked a debate that he must be quite a bad mugger if he’s picking people who shop at the two-dollar store.  Really, clearly we were NOT cashed up.  It’d be so much more profitable for him to stalk and mug someone in a nicer shop where clearly they have some money.  Chances are if they’re in the two-dollar, they’re going to be spending their last few cents! Simply put – that kinda crime, doesn’t pay. 🙂