How do you feel about your neighbors?  Are you warm and fuzzy toward them, do you have drinks every friday and borrow cups of milk and/or sugar?  Or are they similar to living on a farm with animals in the backyard which keep you up at night?

I wont say how we feel about ours but I will say that we camp out more frequently in our living room than I did when I built forts between chairs when I was 6.  If it wasn’t so sleep deprivingly annoying it would be fun to bring pillows and blankets out.  (previously even pulling the mattress off the second bed and moving it into the living room….)  Sort of like this:

Except not quite so fancy.. amazingly we didn’t have the energy to make a whole real bed and well the bed from our guest room has gone and thus we’re left with egg crates and blankets.. but when you’re that tired it simply doesn’t matter…

It was lovely though and much quieter.. we slept well enough to make a noisy breakfast requiring lots of early morning pan banging around too which was cathartic even if they were probably practically comatose and didn’t hear a thing. 🙂

No really it was good fun, I mean when’s the last time YOU slept out in your living room? 🙂