So this weekend we went to pick up our new eye glasses.  Note – last year or the year before we got our eyes tested and have worn glasses when reading for the past 2 years.  Thanks to our health insurance we get 2 pairs of new frames each year and thus we just had our same prescriptions put in this years pairs.

Low and behold when we were fitting them they did Luke’s first, having him read a little card to see how they felt etc.. then he turns to me and reading my prescription says, “So yours are for general use..”  ummmm no.  I’m unaware that they’re for general use, I use them when reading. was my response… “Oh, well your prescription is to correct a stigmatism (a word i think sounds like i have a disease and am a bit wacky btw) and thus you should be wearing them for distance and general use. ”  THIS was news to me!!! 2 whole years and I’ve been wearing glasses at the wrong time! How could I not have figured this out… I’m still not sure I believe it but I have done various checks now I have my glasses.  Like trying to count the number of leaves on a semi – far away tree in our yard… glasses off.. yeah looks like about 10…. glasses on.. Yep definitely 1,2,3,4…15… hmm maybe he’s right?! :-/  Have to say it was a little bit of a shock and really, I’m not so sure yet how I feel about it… Anyway…

I also went and got my nails done again this past week.. My experience was almost identical to this video:

No seriously… I walked in for a french manicure and walked out with sparkly tips and a nail design on my ring finger nail only… it looks sort of like zebra stripes… Nice… and to think it was all only 5 more dollars for each thing!! I could learn something about the up-sell here.

That’s all for now!