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Today I had a reminder of how beautiful people can be to each other.

Stopping to pick up a bottle of wine there was a couple who were checking out at the counter next to me.  The man was blind and his wife was leading him to the counter and out the door.  As I walked out behind them, they were getting in the car and she had led him to the door, placing his hand on the handle.  “What are you doing?” he asked.. “Get in,” she said.  “No, I’m going to walk you around and seat you first as I always do.”  He sounded almost annoyed that she wouldn’t know this automatically.  Sure enough he walked himself around the other side of the car, held the door open for her to get in then found his way back to the passenger side.

I just thought this was such a beautiful thing to see, love. 🙂  It made me smile.

Blind Love