I can’t believe I forgot that I hadn’t posted the gorgeous handiwork by my soon to be father in law while we’re away!   Remember how I mentioned before we went away we prepped the kitchen and en suite for renovation, (see this post)?

Well not only did we return to our house engaged, but we also came home to a gorgeous new kitchen and a mostly done gorgeous and soon to be even nicer (as it’ll be finished) bathroom!!! *EDIT: it’s taken me so long to get the photos done for this post that since I wrote it, the bathroom’s finished!! and it’s stunning… photos below.

Now, who doesn’t love a bit of before and after action so here was the kitchen before:

The bit on the floor used to sit on top of the counter

Note the lovely minty green-ness and the ‘oh so modern’ tile patterns along with the lovely counter tops and our mini fridge….

Now have a look at this!

Forgive the dishes.. at least they're clean!

not bad eh.  I have to admit I”m seriously loving the white and how spacious our house feels.  Also loving the cut out shelves in the back of the cabinet as it makes the space useful and got rid of the little stand alone dvd thingo we had (you can see that in the first photo ).  That stand alone bookshelf/dvd thingo now holds my shoes oh so nicely in my closet! 🙂   Yes my closet… I should perhaps mention that this is a 2 bedroom apartment with 2 closets.  When we moved in I claimed the master closet all my own and told Luke he could have the closet in the guest room.  Sharing isn’t my strong suit (at least not closet space) – I blame it on the fact I was an only child. 🙂  So our lovely master closet now has two shelving units plus the built ins and some hanging space… loving it. 🙂

The bathroom previously looked a bit like this:

Sans walls

but of course with you know… walls… and well, tiles and a shower and a toilet … turns out we may have forgotten to take a true before photo and took a slightly after commencement photo instead.  🙂   Anyway, it still looks different.   When we came home almost all the tiles were on but that’s about it.  But today.. TODAY… we came home to this:

Flashy new Bathroom!


It has been a particularly challenging week for us and this was a lovely surprise.  We owe someone a block of chocolate I think. 🙂

Anyway, will try and be better about remembering to post updates I promise.