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My mother is amazing.

She’s great at balancing ‘mom-ness’ and being my friend. Today she sent me an email with this photo:


And she told me “I see the you of you” and I thought this was so lovely I thought it should have a place in the blogworld. 🙂 See, in this photo I don’t see the me of me but the us of us.  We were seeing how we looked with our hair all straightened down on our faces.  I totally remember taking this picture and we had so much fun.

Perhaps something I don’t note much in here or in conversations with friends et… but I really do miss my family down here, friends too.  And even though I’m luckier than many people who live overseas from their families and friends, in that I get to see them at least once a year there are still many days I wish I could give them a ring and see if they wanted to have lunch or a coffee or pop to a movie.

Family is important, they do so much for you and love you unconditionally.  I had a conversation with a good friend yesterday about how we feel we appreciate our parents and family much more now we’re older.  So thanks family.  I love you. 🙂

Fortunately we’re planning another trip back to see everyone in the very near future so it wont be long and we’ll be having coffees and doing fun wedding planning things!! /end sappy post. 🙂