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You know winter is here when all the girls at bars on Friday nights start dressing for cold weather.  In Brisbane this seems to mean switching out the sandals and stilettos for ankle boots.

Ankle Boots

On my way home Friday night around 11.30 or so I passed several bars, one in particular has a stoplight in front I was stopped at.  Just out the front door there was a party of 10-12 girls and a sprinkling of guys.  The girls, all in ridiculously short dresses were huddled together almost shivering with bare legs that went on for miles.  ‘Gee they must be cold,’ I thought.  ‘It is after all.. WINTER!’   I even had the heater on in my car.  That’s when I noticed it…

ALL of them were wearing black ankle boots.  It was practically a convention.  The coalition of ankle boot, short dress wearing girls had assembled on the pub on the corner to see who could out seduce the poor unsuspecting guys in their polished patents.  It really was incredible.  It seems that all you need in winter to stay warm when out is a change of footwear.  Either that or well… the ratio of girls vs guys is so desperate that one must now not only sacrifice sore feet and subject oneself to the joys of gravity defying undergarments all in the name of vanity in order to snag one of these elusive males; but also they must withstand the cold – the only salvation is their ankles and the tops of their feet are saved.

Surely if nothing else each of these girls deserves a drink, if for no other reason than to help keep the rest of their exposed bits warm!

So here's to you ankle boot ladies