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I’m in love.. yes with my hubs-band to be but also with BHLDN’s new getaway collection.  I’ve decided that I cannot and will not be able to live without a honey moon outfit (read wardrobe)! Perhaps it’s the packaging (always have been a sucker for a good sales pitch) but I adore the idea of these outfits designed for their locations.  Of course in the real world they just exist in shops on hangers with no destination other than your closet in mind but they have outdone themselves this time.  Take a look  now tell me you don’t look at at least one of these dresses on their homepage and swoon.  Of course you do, and I’d be willing to bet that you clicked your favorite and got swept away with excitement about getting to browse the collection based on which honeymoon destination you’d like to go to, be it romantic city (Paris), sea or countryside.

I started at the beginning and clicked first stop – probably because I so want to go to all the places I couldn’t make myself just pick one!

I love how each theme totally fits the styles they’ve chosen and my picks (if I have to chose just one) would be:

For the seaside:

Who could be without

How could you possibly have a seaside honeymoon without a wide-brim straw hat with just the right amount of flop! Loves it.

For the romantic city:

So Paris - seriously chic

Okay a bit strange at first glance perhaps, but it grows on you and can’t you just see yourself walking down the les champs elysees in this? (perhaps not if you’re a guy) .

And perhaps my favorite… countryside:


I’ve actually seen this dress in their collections before but I still think it’s gorgeous and flow-y and perfect for wandering through meadows… maybe not in those shoes… maybe we’ll drive by the meadows or sit on a veranda with a mint julep or something instead…b/c those shoes are gorgeous too, I could also have those….

*Sigh*…. everyone says weddings are expensive, what they don’t mention is that  you have to save for all the fun periphery stuff as well!! Like honeymoon outfits… surely these are a necessity!

Now then… time to get back to browsing.

(All photos courtesy of BHLDN’s fabulous website)