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Been a bit busy round these here parts = thus the lack of posts.  Plus I’ve been trying to be more creative in other areas, eg making fabric flowers out of my poly blend red ruffled pillow case… (photos to come)  So that plus our normal schedule and the fact that I’ve been writing the wedding website means simpleelovely has been neglected… Alas…

Anyway, I didn’t have a particular story or thought in mind to post about until I just closed a photo I’d uploaded to Facebook today of me eating a cupcake made by one of my dearest friends who recently started her own cupcake business (http://www.cupcakeempire.com.au – check it out she’s amazing) and I noticed that I matched my house!

No seriously, my shirt matches the walls and my currently non-tanned winter skin also blended in… see for yourself:


I”m beige!!! A travesty I know, surely I’m much to young to be beige.  So I thought this would be an appropriate time to vow to wear more colour and to get out in the sun and to get more sleep so the bags under my eyes aren’t the only things providing contrast in photos such as this. 🙂

After all,  spring in Australia has certainly sprung!