The Christmas season’s I have had the pleasure of being in Australia for have always surprised me.  Not by the cultural differences from the Christmas traditions I’m accustomed to but because they seem to come out of the blue!

This year has been no exception.  Here it is December and there are decorations up and still I just don’t really feel like it’s the holidays.  Although many of you who know me well wouldn’t find this very surprising at all given my awareness to dates (or lack thereof) and the likes however I prefer to blame it on the weather.  In short, the change in seasons in Colorado and the snow flying, hot coco drinking, stay inside by the fire feelings you get that accompany the change all are part of making me feeeeel the season.  I would love to know if Aussie’s or other southern hemisphere people feel the same when they spend time in the North for the holidays.

Anyway… this theory was working really well for me until this year it has been rainy and unseasonably cold.  Somehow I still seem to forget that the holidays are almost upon us.  Though it could also be that my house isn’t very xmas-y at the moment.  There is a beautiful pile of wrapped gifts in the corner of the room where our tree would normally be but we’ve opted to forgo the fur in light of the numerous other boxes we have to pack for our move to Tokyo.

I did try to make a xmas tree from lights to tape on our patio door inspired by this:

Ideal Light Tree

Funny how the ideal isn’t anything close to my crafty-ness reality (yes I am still jealous of you crafty people out there).  It turned out when I got everything organised and the lights out of the box that they were icicle lights we hung outside last year and weren’t quite what I had in mind. I gave it ago anyway and did a decent job until I plugged it in and realised only have the strand worked. 😦  sadface.   I left it up anyway and it made it about 3 hours before the tape pieces broke and it fell to the floor… where it currently sits…. I’m still lamenting it.