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Okay, so as promised this post is all about our apartment.  In all honesty, I did expect small when we signed up for it.  To be exact the proportions are 23 square meters (about 75 square feet) which doesn’t really sound like much.  In comparison it’s about the size of most people’s living rooms except it has all of the following built into that space:

  • 1x bathtub (half the size of western tubs but twice as deep)
  • 1 shower area (next to the bathtub and is basically just the floor area in front of the bathtub which has a shower head and a mirror (which btw, only goes from your chin down, very motivating) This room is made waterproof thanks to the three seals on the door which when closed becomes a shower door
  • 1x toilet room – with the most amazing toilet you’ve ever used
  • 1x sink area and laundry room
  • 1x shoe closet and small mini foyer
  • 2x clothes closets
  • 1x kitchen with two burner stove and an oven that is about half the height of a normal microwave
  • 1x bedroom area (with a xtra large single bed)
  • 1x balcony
  • 1x living room with tv, couch and entertainment units

Seriously, it’s amazing how much they can fit into such tiny spaces.

Here are some photos of the above for your viewing pleasure:


The above is the view when you open the front door… yep that about what we said too. The door to the left is to the toilet where the door to the right leads to the shower/bath and sink area.

Pretty sure this is the first toilet photo I’ve ever taken, but it’s a toilet worth photographing.. this thing has fountains, bells, wistles, built in deodoriser and a heated seat – for the first day until we figured out the heater it was easiliest the warmest thing in the apartment.  As this wasn’t enough, you can see at the top a built in sink!! When it drains it fills up the tank!




The above makes the bed look bigger than it is. Just so you know..

Living Room

I think it’s fun to note that in each of these pictures you can still see the other parts of the previous room, it’s actually impossible to photograph one at a time.

And really if I stand in one corner, I can take a photo of our whole apartment!

All in one

See the little door next to the kitchen and by the bed?? This is my favorite part of the whole apartment – THIS, THIIISSS is my closet!!! and it has ALL of my clothes in it.

The other thing I quite like about our unit is that it has a balcony with open space behind us (more than you see in other parts of Tokyo anyway).  In fact we overlook a cemetery.  I’m not sure which faith it is for – Shinto perhaps but I think it looks beautiful and means it’s really quiet.

Here is a photo of the view and the cemetery down below.

View off Balcony

The Cemetery

Well friends, it’s over and out.. we had another adventure today conquering the subway and having lunch with some people from Luke’s new office and tonight we’ll be heading to Shibuya on their recommendation, it’s meant to be quite the place and “Very Tokyo” apparently.  We’ll let you know how we go!  Stay tuned!