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Perhaps unsurprisingly there have been a few discoveries here which have been unexpected.  In particular for me is the lack of fresh fruit and veggies.  They are here and available but the variety and the quantity is tiny in comparison to a regular grocery store in the west.  I knew things may be a bit more expensive as most F&V have to be imported into Japan but what I wasn’t ready for was HOW expensive and how little there would be.  We saw a cantaloupe/rock melon on the grocery shelf yesterday for $30 bucks. Yes one, ONE cantaloupe!  They did put a bow on it, as they should for that price.

I grant this was the most expensive that I had seen but generally 10 strawberries goes for about $10 and other fruit is priced around this mark as well.

Veggies are slightly more accessible and if you want mushrooms they are almost in the affordable section – too bad I’m not a big mushroom fan.  But the one thing I have yet to even see that I admit, I perhaps took for granted when living in the west is…..



Yes, Lettuce.  I can’t believe it but I haven’t seen 1 leaf of the green stuff anywhere.  Not on restaurant menus or grocery store shelves and truthfully I’m shocked to be missing it.

Lettuce hasn’t really ever fallen into the ‘favorite foods’ category but when you’re over the seaweed and ready to make a sandwich it does come in handy.  Anyway, expect the unexpected and expect to miss lettuce if you come to live in Japan.