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We have been surprised pretty much every day that we have been here in Japan and continue to as we explore other areas.  There was one serious surprise however, when we walked into a movie theatre foyer in Ginza we stumbled across this – I apologize for the reflection and crappy photo taking.

The Front


The Back

Yes a wedding dress, but not just any wedding dress,

Bella's Wedding Dress

Bella’s wedding dress from the latest Twilight movie. Yes, in its very own little plexi-glass case complete with a sign posting and a photo from the movie scene.  Surprised as we were to stumble across this, have to say I wasn’t overly impressed with the dress itself.  In fact it seemed quite thin and not very well put together.  Then again she only had to wear it for a short period of time in the film and well, why waste the time or the fabric when they can just smooth her out in post production.

Anyway, it was entertaining nonetheless. The latest film comes out here at the end of February and will be dubbed in Japanese.