This post is a catch – up, not to be confused with katsup.  

We’ve been busy – and I have a few blogs up my sleeve but I haven’t had time to put all the photos in.  I’ll endevour to do that in the near future I promise.  Meanwhile here are a few bullet points on fun things that have been going on: 

  • I have a new job – teaching English one on one to poor unsuspecting people.  I start in April.  
  • Yesterday we grabbed a quick lunch at a burger place called ‘straight burger’ where I ordered a chicken sandwich that turned out to be a prawn sandwich – SURPRISE! – It was actually quite nice! 🙂 
  • We have a new ‘family’ pet – Twinkle – the robo vacuum!  Shockingly amusing to watch it clean up the floors while running full speed into the wall only to turn and run into the other one.  We did not name him/it. 🙂 No Seriously we didn’t. 
  • We move in a week to our new place and are stoked to be getting a bit more space – and for my mither to come too of course!! 🙂 
  • We have ordered all kinds of new fun things for our apartment off amazon – tea kettles, pillows etc… as a result we have plenty of postmen visiting regularly – yesterday we missed one and had to call to reschedule a delivery – Happy to report that we accomplished this successfully using almost 70% japanese – as impressive as this sounds, I must admit I still don’t have much idea of what was said.

Well, thats about it for now.  Soon I hope I’ll get those other posts up. 🙂  Over and out.