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Walking around the city today finding my way to various areas I decided that moving to a foreign country and finding your way around is quite a  lot like being in a video game.

I remember when I was young I had a game that had something to do with avoiding evil robots.  No seriously I did.  I can’t quite remember much of a purpose beyond that but I do recall that you had to find something and thus went exploring unknown areas and worlds to look for it.  As you got better at the game you were of course faster and remembered where they were hidden.  (EDIT*after writing this I discovered this game was called Super Solvers!  Thus the image below source)

Rogue Robots!

As Luke can attest, I am never the one to take the clear, easy path which follows major roads and turns at 90 degrees eventually ending you up where you want to go.  No, this always seems to me to be the route that would take so much longer, why not just head in the general direction and wind your way through back streets, over garages and up tiny staircases to your destination.  Sure you may end up taking twice if not three or four times as long to get to where you want to go but on the other hand you may save yourself half the time! Unfortunately even I have to admit that for a person with my wayward sense of direction this isn’t really the best plan, I’m more one of the wanderers who are actually lost.  Nonetheless when on my own I can’t seem to help myself but to take the unknown road.

See where the lights are? That's where the people who don't get lost go.

Today I set forth and did exactly this.  Rather than follow the main route to where I needed to go I got myself pointed in the general direction and headed off.  Just like the video game, I wove my way behind buildings, searching for secret staircases and heading up over garden paths and through back gates keeping eyes open for rogue robots.  To my enormous surprise I didn’t take even one false step or turn and got myself there surprisingly quickly.

To my even greater surprise I also navigated to two other areas using only back routes and rabbit runs and I finished the day quite proud of myself and of sure that this is what it must feel like to be in my childhood video game.  If this were Super Mario I would have saved the princess today.