Today I woke up doing math. 

I knew my mother had left Denver for Tokyo and we had figured her plane would be leaving la about 3am my time but for some reason I had it in my head for the past few months that she was getting in on Tuesday the 27th.

Still though she left on the 25th and its not as long a flight as to Brisbane so how could it be coming in 2 days later even if she does lose a day?  So with math clearly not my forte and with my well known ability to do things like this, I just decided to just read the itinerary she sent.  Sure enough she’s coming in TODAY not tomorrow.  

Calculating arrival time when your guest is travelling across the dateline can be tricky.  At least that’s what I am going to keeping telling myself as I nearly leave my mother hanging at the airport in a foreign country without know how to get to us.  Tricky. 

The day was made even more tricky as I was moving us into our new house today.  Yes bag by bag, box by box I dragged our possessions 500 meters up the road.  Then got all our furniture delivered; promptly abandoning the delivery people to begin my trek to airport.  But not before a shower and freshen up which of course for me involved tripping they circuit breakers and then having to figure out where the switch was to turn everything back on. 

But here I am 5 minutes from the terminal and only 34 minutes late.  🙂

Maybe I’m not so absent minded after all.