Today I bit the bullet and went and got my haircut at a Japanese salon.

I walked in to get an appointment and got right in which was great, they took my bag and put it in the cupboard for me then took me back to wash my hair. Now for the fun part.  First a bit of saran wrap on the back of my neck tucked into my shirt.  A towel on top of this and tied at the front of my neck.  Then a cape, a mini cape at that which also went around my neck and only reached the top of my shoulders.  Thinking surely this was it I was surprised when yet another cape type thing was put on top of the other cape (also not going past my shoulders) finally the chair lifted me up off the ground and tipped me slightly upside-down sliding my head into the sink.  Then my eyes were covered with another little towel and my hair was washed… with at least 7 things…. not sure what they all were but it was lovely.

The rest of the cut was rather typical, with the shop owner regaling me with stories of his dog – Lennon – named for the Beatle.  In general I’m happy with it.  Though I’m wondering if it is a smidge shorter than I like but oh well.  It grows.

Here’s the after:


in other news, prepare yourselves – my birthday is next week!