To keep myself busy and earn a bit of cash so I can continue to buy gorgeous things in Ginza I am doing some work for an organisation I worked with in Brisbane.

This morning I am having a meeting to discuss what this will entail and as I am early I am sitting across the street having a coffee.  This is a nice area its full of high end shops and manicured planters and I. Surrounded by men in well cut suits.  Across the street from me however is a courier peeing in a hedge.  A very open hedge on a corner actually.  Perhaps I should be grateful I’m on this side of the road as I have a feeling if I wasn’t it would be….unpleasant. 

Nonetheless this reminds me of something I keep finding odd.  This is probably the sixth or seventh man I’ve seen relieve themselves public ally while living here.  Even the public bathrooms leave little to the imagination with wide open doorways and facilities that seem to exist to hold toilets in place rather than offer a modicum of privacy for their users. 

I guess when you gotta go you gotta go
but there seems to be a distinct lack of shyness about these things which makes me blush and wonder why I seem to be the only one finding this strange.