Have you ever been trying to get to sleep, reshuffling your pillow every few seconds only to finally find that rare perfect pillow position? The position where your head and neck are well supported and you can finally fall asleep peacefully? That is except for a surprise itch on your foot or the awkward feeling of where to place your arms. 

Ever since I was young I have known the value of getting pillow position just right.  Nonetheless it eludes me most nights and I settle for close enough, which works but just isn’t as lovely as hitting the feathery sweet spot.

So how can we do it? Find it more often I mean.  Particularly when it changes most nights anyway.  Perhaps the answer is to get rid of the pillow all together…who thought them up in the first place?

And why is it sometimes when falling asleep your arms become so annoying and almost seem superfluous except to fluff said pillow. Its like there is suddenly no place for them or at least the one on the opposite side you lay on. 

Deep questions my friends deep questions.  Think on these and let me know – I am off to bed.