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Do you have any secret guilty pleasures?  Now’s the time to shout them out. Particularly if they’re super secret and even a bit out of character for you… come on, out with it. I’ll even start.

Guilty Pleasure?

Glee soundtracks… I can’t help myself – all the tunes are so.. so… catchy! I also particularly like these when I go to the gym.  Lately I’ll pop this on, take the lift downstairs and hop on the treadmill with Dancing Queen playing on my ear buds and off I go.  To make it worse, if there’s no one in the gym with me I occasionally sing along… I know.. mortifying. 🙂  But it’s fun.

Maybe I should mention this also has the potentially to be further embarrassing as there is a security camera in the corner of the gym which I’m pretty sure has a mic on it.

Okay, your turn, out with it…