A signature cocktail to be specific.  

I was thinking about it and I would like to have a signature cocktail, or just one I know I like and could order whenever going somewhere swanky where it would be fun to have a cocktail instead of a glass of wine.  Don’t get me wrong, I like wine, love certain wines and of course there’s a sunny beach with a chair and a good cold beer that I would be happy to sit in too, but cocktails are a statement. 

Signature cocktails are exactly that, a signature – of what you like and how you like it, your mood, the environment and what you want.  Generally however I don’t have a cocktail I really like, that I know I can pick off the bar list and enjoy.  Some parts of this is fun; the excitement of trying new drinks etc.. but still.. 

I’m picky too – I don’t like gin or vodka really or scotch, burbon and actually most other hard stuff minus maybe tequilla and rum.  And I’m not a fan of mint… too sweet doesn’t work either… SO you can see my dilema… 

So I’m taking suggestions… right now I’ve narrowed it down to a bellini which seems a bit too fruity but I do like them… or maybe a lemon drop because I like the name… I’m open to other suggestions… 

..someone made me a grasshopper once.. I think I liked that too 

Anyway – if someone finds my signature cocktail please point me in the direction of the bar. Over and out. Image