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I miss manners… As we continue to advance in technology it seems our etiquette seems to decline.

Good Ol’ Days

In Japan for the most part my experience has been really positive, perhaps unsurprisingly. I’m always the first one let out of an elevator (unless there’s another girl in there) and general politeness is definitely the order of the day here.

It’s truly a culture that still appreciates some of, what are now perhaps considered Victorian practices of etiquette. The irony being that our parents generation were still doing these things.

Hostess gifts bought in a real live shop, thank-you notes, door holding, bag carrying, Sunday afternoon salons etc are all things I think we should all still do and partake in. Sadly we don’t however and I must admit that I too have fallen into the lazy ease of my technological devices and there is a buffet of choices by which to deliver my e-manners.

Online shopping everywhere, Thank you notes via email, Sunday afternoon salons via Skype, and of course because we do these things on the go, we vary rarely notice the need to hold the door for anyone or help carry someone’s bags. Head down, thumbs storming over your touch screen how can you possibly be aware of the need to be more polite and courteous.

I challenge you all my friends, to stop smelling the virtual roses and raise your eyes to the horizon; the time has come to put your manners back in.