What do patio umbrellas, garden hoses and sea shells all have in common?? 

Give up?  They are all part of strange things I saw on Saturday morning.  To start, you must know that it was raining quite profusely on Saturday and I was on my way to teach a few lessons.  My walk is about 15 minutes down to the office from our house and along the way there were a few curiosities!  

The first of these was that there were not one, but two men with garden hoses watering the sidewalk.  Not washing mind you… they were pretty low pressure, just watering… in the rain… 


The next of these was about a block from my office and was a man about 25, in regular clothes, carrying a green patio umbrella as if it was a regular one to protect him from the rain.  It was huge, complete with ruffles and white edging! I walked behind him for the last block to my office where I turned off to go in and he continued on merrily as if nothing strange was happening.  


On my way back home came the final curiosity.  On the sidewalk, where there are some nice trees and flowers planted there was a rather substantial pile of beach-like sand… probably about a gallon of it, in a small pile with a conch shell the size of my palm sticking out the side. 


No idea what was going on….. crazy