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Picture the last time you went into a shop and bought flowers.  Was the person behind the counter a man or a woman? 

My money is on that it was a woman.  

There are numerous flower shops around our house.  In one direction over about 3 blocks there are 4 that I can think of.  Not your typically flower stores they seem to almost be a bit more like wholesalers as the storefronts are tiny and it’s always way overcrowded with a variety of different blooms.  Nonetheless you can, apparently, buy flowers from them. 


I love walking past these shops.  My favorite one always has the most beautiful red roses in the window and the flowers spill out the door and lay in boxes as if there’s no room in the fridge yet.  Most surprising about these shops is that their proprietors and their staff are all male.  I have yet to see a woman.  In every shop I walk past – there are always men, clipping leaves, arranging stems and surrounding themselves with these beautiful bits of green.  It’s refreshing, I like it.