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Those of you who know me well have probably already teased me about this sometime in my life, and for those of you who know me you probably wont be surprised by the following slightly OCD revelation:

I believe in the separation of foods. No seriously, remember those plates you got in kindergarten or even in some camping kits that have a separate space for your carrots and peas vs your mashed potatoes and meat?  I love those.  If they didn’t seem so silly to eat on now and weren’t made of tin or plastic, I’d probably buy some and use them regularly.  I just don’t really like it when my corn juice runs into the potatoes etc.. I like control over the flavors  on my plate.  This is not where the insanity ends however, I also prefer things which are meant to be mixed to be layered – for example sandwiches… more than one sauce – put each on their own slice of the bread as possible, salads – lettuce on the bottom then toppings on top, not tossed.

But this post isn’t about admitting, it’s about announcing a breakthrough – I, ladies and gentlemen, have been obsessing over this for the past few weeks and I love it…. all mixed up:

In short it’s a naked burrito… which just means it’s everything I’d put in a burrito but without the shell and on lettuce.  It’s amazingly yum.  Particularly mixed up.  Perhaps this is the first step in a long line of future mixed food.  😉  Probably not.