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So I’m thinking I should go blond.  Like quite blond.  For the wedding.

Potentially After:

My reasoning for this is that I’ve been looking at wedding hair style options for months and months and when I look at the ones I’ve saved, pinned, liked etc.. all the girls are blond!  I have even tried to make a concerted effort to only look at brunettes – including it in my search terms or looking up brunette movie stars.  Sadly this inevitably leads to there also being blondish images and I still like those better.

And so, I therefore think that I have secretly, subconsciously been picturing me in my wedding head as a blond. Maybe it’s time to take the plunge?  I hear they have more fun!

In other news, you wouldn’t believe the list of things people have done in the name of their wedding day.  It’s like there’s this crazy juice that starts running through your brain when you get engaged and everyone goes a bit nuts!! It’s really rather fun!