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You know those commercials on TV for various scented things.  They are the ones where the woman walks into a random room in her house, (to do what no one knows as she just seems to walk in and twirl) and there is a field of flowers and a pretty little yellow butterfly that floats past?

This is what it’s currently like walking into our little bathroom.  We are growing roses and rosemary it would seem – yep, directly from the toilet paper.  And actually it’s quite nice.

I have previously experienced scented tissue of course however never before has it managed to fill the room with the fresh and airy smell you get when you stick your nose directly into a flower.  It’s oddly pleasant and equally disconcerting.  You see I’m not really one for using the facilities in nature and well – the overwhelming power of the new tissue makes me wonder if my eyes which see the modern facilities deceive me and perhaps I really am in a field of wildflowers.  In which case, I’d much prefer to do a twirl – like the women in the commercials – and delay visitation of the facilities. J