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Arriving in LA this time has been a bit of an experience.  I keep finding myself grinning as I read every sign and understand everyone around me – and they are loud!  As I have a fair bit of a layover here I got myself a yoghurt with granola from the snack bar whereupon going to pay the guy asked if I’d like water or a brownie to go with it.

Random things to up sell with my yoghurt but anyway it took me a minute to respond and I just stood there smiling, which I think he may have interpreted as me hitting on him – in actuality I was reveling in the fact that I could understand clearly what he was asking and could decline.

This led to wondering how many shops in Tokyo have been trying to up sell me at the till to which I respond (because I have no idea what they’re saying) Hai and smile (Hai = yes).  I’m sure they’re asking follow up questions like, which one… to which I again say ‘hai.’  At this point I think they get the point that I have no idea what they’re saying.

Nonetheless the service by the snack man was stepped up after I told him I was fine without an upgrade.  Putting the tally in he asked if I had exact change, which I didn’t, and again it took me a moment or four to respond.  At this point I’m pretty sure he went from – she’s smiling at me to, this chick’s not all there… When he was counting out my change and I (feeling like I should at least try to explain) said, “Its just really nice to understand what your saying”

I’m positive this was the moment he thought, ‘yep, this one’s on the crazy train.’  He didn’t ask a follow up question and I decided not to bother with an explanation.

In short however, it is nice… to understand everything.