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My grandmother has been in the hospital for the last few days and truly I know there isn’t really a place she’d want to be less.  As I can’t sleep for thinking over fond memories I thought I may as well put something down.

When I grow up I hope to be more like my grandmother.  She’s amazing at so many things.  There is no one I know who has a larger, truer more loyal, devoted and loving group of friends; a sign of a good person.  There is also no one more generous in her time for others and in particular her friends and family.  There’s no one who makes a better coconut cream and butterscotch pie or friend chicken and mashed potatoes.

One of the things I love most that we share is our stubbornness and tenacity in so many situations.  We’re the Taureans of the family and it shows pretty regularly.  We’re lucky to have family around who understands our tendency towards knowing that our way’s the right way and who acknowledge our general fabulousness too.

I also love that we share books and a passion for great movies… Even if she can stomach a bit more grit than I can.  A love for great jewelry, particularly diamonds and of course I also (most of the time) love that we both convey exactly how we feel in our facial expressions whether we want to do so or not.  This list isn’t exhaustive and I should mention there are others in our family who also share these traits with us, but I feel a particular connection to her with these things.

I am blessed to have so many wonderful memories with both my grandparents – there really are way too many to count or put down in just one post or even a book.  A favorite is my first trip to Disney World.  My grandparents, very bravely, took me and my two cousins to Florida all on their own.  I think I was maybe 8 or 9 and we had a fantastic time.  It is to this day one of the best trips I have ever taken.  Amazingly, (we must have been pretty great.. or just really lucky) they also took us on another trip to Mt. Rushmore and through the Royal Gorge.  I even had the pleasure of a trip to Cali on my own with them.

I remember being amazed and over the moon excited about our hotel in South Dakota.  It has been a great day driving up there – I had purchased some polished rocks at a souvenir shop and we had bought some fudge to share too! Life doesn’t get much better than that and on we went to the hotel which had a mini golf course and a great swimming pool along with some other great things to do.  The best part of the trip was breakfast one morning.  My grandmother was making us pancakes while we got ready for the day.  I remember someone being in the shower and somehow we set off the smoke alarm.  I don’t recall all the details but it was pretty darn funny at the time.

I remember long summers playing cards in the trailer at Williams Fork Reservoir and eating hot chocolate straight from the packet, (only grandparents get to spoil their grandchildren like this).  I remember being picked up from swimming lessons and spending the day watching the Smurfs, Flinstones and Jetsons – my grandmother bringing me a packet of peanut butter crackers for a snack and I promptly pulled them all apart to make a peanut butter ball.  Those crackers make me think of those summers every time.  Crab nights with paper plates and the card tables all set up, fried chicken and sitting in front of the mirror to eat. Visiting Vancouver for my college graduation…I could go on and on…

I reckon I’m pretty lucky.  I got spoiled with the grandparent pool and landed the pick of the bunch and I couldn’t love them more.  I hope that when I reach their age I am even just a little as fabulous as they are, perhaps especially with a bit of that card and scrabble game luck.  Just you wait till you see them in all their finery at the wedding, only 12 days to go.